How I Spent My Easter

We’ll another Easter has came and gone. No more Egg Hunts, coloring eggs, or Sunrise services at Church for another year. Kind-of makes you feel sad in a way, or it does me.

We had a sunrise service at my Church yesterday morning followed by breakfast, which the men of my church prepared for everyone. I jumped in and got my hands dirty and was in charge of the biscuits and french toast sticks. We were very tired, after getting up at 3:15 am and putting breakfast together by 7 am, but it was worth it, and so much fun getting to spend time in the kitchen fellowshipping during the early morning hours.

After breakfast was finished, I came home for a couple hours and took a brisk morning walk. It was in the 30’s, so it was a fast one. Then off to get ready for our regular worship service at 10:30 am.

After service, home to rest and relax. We had our family meal on Saturday instead of Sunday afternoon, so I know what I’m eating the next few days…

I hope your Easter was wonderful, getting to spend time with family and friends. We’ll put up our roasting pans, baking sheets, and set our alarm clocks back to our normal times til next year.

I’ll see you on Friday. Until then, have a great week!

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