Enjoying the day…

It’s amazing to look around and see the leaves on the trees returning, the warmer spring days, and longer evenings.

I’ve been enjoying the warmer sunny days we’ve had recently here in Virginia.

Walks, to spring projects, the list goes on and on…

With each new season comes a project list. Clean flower beds, move outdoor furniture around, repaint odds and ends that was faded by winter’s force.

I’m an avid walker. Yesterday, I walked six plus miles, roughly. To my surprise, I’m not sore. Where I live, we have plenty of walking trails, fields to walk in.

I love my walking time, it’s a chance to experience nature. See the trees coming to life, look at the flowers blooming.

It’s good to get a fresh breath of air and escape the troubles of the world. That’s the best medicine, a walk through the woods, down a walking trail and soak up your surroundings.

I also like to watch the sunrise each morning. I have a good view from my office window, so as I write the sun is signing on for the day alongside me.

Whatever today’s plans may be, incorporate a nature walk or just some outside reading time. With the world being so fast paced these days, it’s good to escape, take a few minutes and enjoy yourself, and you two can enjoy your day…

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